Thank you for giving to LifeCenter Church! 


  • These monies establish our operations budget which invests in each ministry program and pays for administration, lease and utitilies expense. 
  • A tithe literally means 10 percent, because we believe that when we give 10% off the top to God as an act of faith and obedience, we're keeping with God's call that we make Him first in everything.   (Malachi 3.10)

OFFERINGS: any giving over and above your tithe is an offering.  You will see options to give to other funds like: 

  • Impact Student Ministies (Junior & Senior High)
  • Construction Zone (kid's church)
  • Missions - for our missionaries around the world.
  • Benevolence: so we can help people who need financial assistance.

EVENTS You can pay for a class (like Rooted) or to attend a special event (as long as it's listed in the online options when you click to give)