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Breakthrough in School
posted by: Seth McAdams on 11/7/2018

I’m in my fourth year in college, and I’ve gotten in a rut. I’m behind in some classes, and I’m not feeling mentally sharp or physically/spiritually/emotionally healthy. Please pray for physical, spiritual, and emotional renewal. Pray that God will restore my fortitude, my strength, my focus and determination to succeed at all my studies. Please pray for complete recovery so I can succeed at all my classes and finish strong. Also, pray for a deepened relationship with the Lord, in the Word, in prayer, and service, and that I’ll know Abba’s love. Thanks for your prayers.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Khadijah Harden on 8/13/2018

Can you pray for Khadijah (24 year old), she starting to bring the wrong men around her kids. Ask God to renounce these men out of her life; she doesn’t know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. She’s meeting the wrong men and people from her past keep coming back into her life (the trick of the enemy).
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healing for Steve
posted by: TERI BEAUDRY on 8/4/2018

Please pray for my husband Steve to be healed in his right ventricle of heart, and also to be healed from only 50% lung capacity. For heart and lungs to be brand new from heaven, and, if need be, kidneys also. So that he may LIVE and NOT DIE, and DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD. thank you!!
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marriage/family healing and restoration
posted by: Rachael and Ron Cox on 6/16/2018

Pray for Rachael's hardened heart to be tenderized and Ron's anger to be replaced with love. Remove pride, haughtiness, and spitefulness. Pray divisive people are silenced and stop attacking our marriage and telling my wife to stay away. Pray the lies and misconceptions are stopped. Pray for emotional stability and a sound mind. Pray our 2 y/o, Amelia, and our soon to be born daughter, Elizabeth, are protected from all this and healthy in every aspect. Pray for Rachael and Ron to tear down the barriers, start communicating in a positive and loving manner, realize that the current issues are not worth breaking a marriage or family apart and to know that love endures and overcomes. Have relatives to stop trying to interfere with our marriage and family. Stop bloodline curses and spoken curses. Pray for restoration of our marriage and family. Pray for barriers to come down. Pray for malice, unforgiveness, pride, lies, depression, fear, doubt, anger and hurt to be removed and healed. Pray the Lord intervenes and teaches us that the best marriages are the ones that endure, overcome and thrive on love and we do not hold things against each other. Pray we keep our marriage vowels during this time of separation. Help Jesus. Help our daughters. Pray for the salvation of any who do not know the love of Jesus.
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Praying for affordable Housing
posted by: Alex and Laura Melendez on 6/1/2018

Just relocated to TX with my family, we are looking for a home to rent that fits our needs spaciously and financially. My husband is a teacher from CA and we both felt led to move out here to TX. We are staying in hotels for now until we find a home to rent while schools out. Please pray that God will continue to guide us on this new journey as we find a home quickly, as funds are running low.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Phil Chavez on 3/25/2018

Please Pray...I'm 45 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name
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Financial Provision
posted by: Seth McAdams on 2/12/2018

I am really struggling financially during this time. Please pray that God will provide all my needs. Pray that God will get me through this time, and help me to pay all my bills and expenses. Please pray for great wisdom and strategy that comes directly from heaven. Pray that God will build my faith in Him, and build my faith for finances and provision. Pray that God will teach me how to take excellent care of every aspect of my life, as I walk through this. I need to stay focused on college and classes, and maintain my health and balance no matter how difficult things are. Also, pray that I will place the Lord first in my life. Thanks for your prayers.
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Healing for Bentley
posted by: on 12/20/2017

Pray for healing for Bentley. Dealing with bronchitis, trachea collapsing, coughing. Going to see specialist to rule out heart issues. Prayer for healthy heart and doctors know how to treat hm.
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deomnic attack
posted by: lana french on 11/16/2017

prayer for me family demon attack pray demons obey the scriptures flee to the bottomless pit forever loose there ties from family
I will pray 23 people are praying.
posted by: Anthony Maio on 11/2/2017

God gives me provision to find a wife
I will pray 22 people are praying.
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