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Second Job
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 11/10/2016

I have been working at my current job since March but it has been slowing down since after Labor Day because it is a small business so please pray so that I may find a second job so that I can work days when I am not working at my current job.
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for my sister
posted by: on 5/23/2016

Please pray for my sister Paula to be healed from lung cancer, and to be delivered from smoking. For God to help her make good choices in regards to healthy living. Thank you.
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posted by: Lisle S Ford on 1/3/2016

God opening doors for me to walk through for ministry for a specific group.
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for Josette
posted by: anon on 11/5/2015

for Josette to be healed of grief and sorrow, to feel the loving arms of God around her and filling her heart all the time. For great peace and joy for Josette.
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Stage 4 lung cancer
posted by: Douglas Haman sr. on 10/24/2015

We need prayer for Douglas and our Granddaughter Victoria just moved to Austin. We are from former 4 Square Church Utica, NY
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Pip Ausman
posted by: Avon on 1/20/2015

Please pray for Pip - he is in hospital with pneumonia & sepsis and is critically ill.
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for Paul and family
posted by: teri on 11/4/2014

For Paul G. to be mightily filled with the Holy Spirit and fire. For his family of 7 children and ex-wife to experience the same and for them to all be serving the Lord with all their hearts. Also for God to lead Paul to the perfect job for him. Thank you.
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posted by: on 6/28/2014

Pray for Jim and Yung and our families (and those we love). Pray God will completely heal us and keep us from now on. Pray God will also do a powerful work of the Holy Spirit in us. Pray God will pour our His Spirit on us and keep pouring the Holy Spirit our on us more and more without end. Also, pray God will give us great help in EVERY other area of our lives. – no email here
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Foursquare Church Plant In Austin Texas
posted by: Pastor Dan Goddard on 5/18/2014

Please, Pray for Foursquare Church Plant in Austin Texas, School of Pottery, School of Pottery, Artisan's Chapel (Foursquare Austin East). Need significant prayer for growth (growing the Kingdom of God through a unique outreach using the language of art... through arts in education), philanthropic donor base of financial capacity, favor in the city of Austin with City & State Agencies, Favor with the non-believers, favor in the arts community, that the Holy Spirit would fore-run and soft hearts to bring receptivity. Be very blessed Pastor Dan Goddard School of Pottery Artisan's Chapel 2830 Real Street Austin, Texas 78722 (512) 900-9778 www.schoolofpottery.com www.dangoddard.com dan@schoolofpottery.com judahsgate@gmail.com
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To Find Lost Item
posted by: Seth on 5/5/2014

I can't find a very important badge I need for work. I've been looking, but I think it must be somewhere obvious, and I need it. Please pray that the Lord will help me to find it. Thanks.
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